Nation remembers Bhagat Singh on his 105th birthday

Nation remembers Bhagat Singh on his 105th birthday
Seventeen years before India achieved its Independence from the Imperial rule, a man with his leadership skills and strong feeling for the motherland talked about the complete independence of the country. Bhagat Singh, the man who shook the British Empire from its root is and will always remain one of the most influential revolutionaries of the Indian national movement. Born on September 27, 1907, Bhagat Singh went on to become the leader of the masses as he strived to achieve independence for India. Today on the birthday of this great Indian freedom fighter, we throw light on his illustrious life.

Bhagat Singh was born in a Sikh family that has earlier been involved in revolutionary activities against the British Rule. As a student he was inspired by anarchist and Marxist ideologies. With his revolutionary ideas and participation in various anti British Rule activities saw him getting promotions in the Hindustan Republican Association (HRA) as he went on to become one of its main leaders. He eventually change the the name of HRA to Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA) in 1928.

The most important piece of history that he was involved was the Saunders Murder Case where he assassinated the British Police Officer who was involved in the killing of Lala Lajpat Rai. He along with Batukeshwar Dutt threw two bombs and leaflets inside the Central Legislative Assembly while shouting slogans of Inquilab Zindabad after which they surrendered.

He was the one who demanded the British rule to treat British and Indian political prisoners equally; the opposition took place in face of a hunger strike which lasted for 116 days. He was convicted and subsequently hanged for his participation in the murder, aged 23.

His legacy prompted youth in India to begin fighting for Indian independence and he continues to be a youth idol in modern India.

Today on the birth anniversary of this great Indian revolutionary team Pardaphash pays its sincere tribute to the man who still inspires the people of the world.
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11 Bus routes for women to be flagged off tomorrow

NEW DELHI: The Delhi government has yet again woken up to the need for special buses for women on busy routes during peak hours. Starting Thursday, 11 new routes connecting all major office and market complexes with residential colonies is scheduled to be flagged off by Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit.

This is the government's third attempt to start the special buses. However, this is the first time that the effort is being made on such a large scale. Earlier in 2010, the transport department had introduced a few buses following Delhi High Court order, but most of them were discontinued following a bad response.

Source - Times Of india

Today the big G turns 14 – Happy Birthday Google

What would you do if your start-up was offered $100,000? You’d probably set up your company properly and get down to work, which is what Google’s Sergey Brin and Larry Page did 14 years ago today.

It was September 4 1998 when, after two years as a college project, Brin and Page founded what is now one of the world’s largest companies. Google start out as a project called BackRub which was originally designed to be franchised out to other companies but after rejections from industry giants like Yahoo! the Google guys set up on their own.

There are two stories about how Google got its name – officially the company says that Google was “a play on the word ‘googol,’ a mathematical term for the number represented by the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros.” Although the oft suggest rumour is that when Google received its first investment the cheque was made out to “Google Inc” rather than “Googol Inc.” so they decided to create the company with the misspelled name.

David Cheriton’s $100,000 investment in Google back in 1998 is today worth more than $1 billion. According to Cheriton, speaking to Bloomberg, the reason he decided to invest came largely down to the young start-up’s promoters. Cheriton says that Brin and Page’s business knowledge, as much as their technical knowledge, led him to believe that they could build the company into a success.

Today, Google says it has spent over 1 million computing hours building its index (and counting).

Google search infographic, via Mashable

Some 14 years on Google has created one of the largest websites in the world, two operating systems; one of the largest email applications; industry leading ad systems; a few social networks, some more successful than others, including YouTube – the world’s largest video sharing site. Not bad for a company that started in a garage.

Happy Birthday Google
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Ajit Pawar resignation: NCP Legislature Party meeting today

MUMBAI, SEPT 26: A crucial meeting of the NCP Legislature Party will be held here today to discuss the political situation in the aftermath of Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar’s resignation from the Cong-NCP alliance government in Maharashtra.

The NCP Legislature Party meeting will be held at 2 PM today.

Party sources said several legislators owing allegiance to 53-year-old Ajit Pawar are firm that the party should quit the government and extend outside support to the Prithviraj Chavan-led Ministry.

The simmering tensions in the 13-year-old coalition came to the fore yesterday with the resignation of Ajit, 53-year-old nephew of NCP Chief Sharad Pawar, following reports of scam to the tune of thousands of crores of rupees in irrigation projects during his tenure as Water Resources Minister between 1999 and 2009.

About 20 other NCP ministers have sent their resignations to the State party chief Madhukar Pichad with a demand that the party should quit the coalition.

New 4000-mile bus route will connect United Kingdom to Kashmir
London, Sept 24 (ANI): Mirpur in Jammu and Kashmir will now be directly linked by road with the United Kingdom through a direct bus service, says a report.

A new 4,000-mile bus route connecting the city Birmingham, will pass through seven countries, including Iran, before finally reaching its destination, also known as 'Little Birmingham'.

Passengers embarking on the epic 12-day journey are likely to be charged 130 pounds for a ticket, the Daily Mirror reports.

The service is definitely a good news for the people of Birmingham, which is home to the world's largest population of Kashmiri expats.

According to the report, security concerns have, however, been raised about the route, which will stop over at Quetta, Pakistan.

Top Taliban commanders are said to be hiding in the volatile city, near the Afghan border.
Source - Yahoo News India

Cabinet approves 7% hike in DA for central govt employees

New Delhi: The Union Cabinet on Monday approved a 7 percent hike in the Dearness Allowance (DA) for central government employees.
The approval will benefit 80 lakh central government employees and pensioners.

Earlier, the meetings of the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) and Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure (CCI), was scheduled for Friday but was postponed apparently due to political turmoil post the government’s ‘big bang’ reform announcement.

The hike in dearness allowance will be effective from July 1, 2012, and the employees would be entitled to arrears from that date.

The additional burden on exchequer on account of increase in DA would be around Rs. 5,000 crore for the eight-month period between July, 2012 and February, 2013. It will be Rs. 7,400 crore for the full financial year.

The government had last increased DA in March this year from 58 percent to 65 percent, which was effective from January 1, 2012. It will now be increased to 72 percent.

The government periodically hikes the DA, which is linked to consumer price index for industrial workers. The consumer price index (CPI) based on movement in retail prices, soared to 10.03 percent in August, from 9.86 percent in July.
Source - Zee News

With skilful handling of SP and BSP, Congress can bring fresh reforms and refurbish its image

Coalition governments are known to be vulnerable to political instability. The upheaval caused by the Trinamool Congress's withdrawal of support to the UPA government bears testimony to such vulnerability. For the time being though, having secured the support ofSamajwadi Party (SP) and the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), the Manmohan Singh government appears numerically stable. That should give the UPA a year or more's time to make up for its prolonged policy deficit and severely damaged credibility before it seeks a fresh mandate. Much of its success in rebuilding public confidence and renewing hope in government will hinge on the Congress's political and economic management.

Though difficult, it's not an impossible task to accomplish. What the government could leverageto its advantage is that it has support from two mutually adversarial allies - the SP and the BSP - with 22 and 21 MPs respectively. Since one's gain is the other's loss in UP, Congress can use that to ensure that neither pulls out support prior to 2014. Special tact is needed in the case ofMulayam Singh Yadav, who's famous for his political somersaults leaving allies in the lurch.

At the same time the Congress has an advantage in Mulayam. Unlike the Trinamool Mulayam's politics is not driven by anti-liberalisation, which derailed crucial reforms, leading to policy paralysis and stagflation. Despite teaming up with the Left parties against the slew of recent reforms, Mulayam's politics is rooted in secularism with an eye on UP's Muslim votes. He has clearly marked his distance from the BJP, something the Congress could also use to its advantage.

Fresh possibilities have opened up for the Congress at the Centre and in West Bengal. In Delhi, the party must seize the moment and push through as many reforms as possible. This will arouse political opposition, but at least Congress will be on a stronger wicket debating reforms than in debating scams and corruption, of which there has been a surfeit during the UPA's tenure. The government should also appoint a competent, full-time railway minister whose sole job will be to bring the railways back on track. In West Bengal, where Congress has quit its alliance with Trinamool, it should try to fill the political vacuum that's arisen because neither Trinamool nor the Left are capable of engaging with the aspirational parts of the electorate. All in all, the Congress can make the most of its remaining tenure.
Source - Times Of India

“Swadeshi Mall” A Concept of Promoting Indian Product to Reduce Unemployment & Poverty

A Concept of Promoting Indian Product to Reduce Unemployment & Poverty 
(Concept of “Swadeshi Shopping Mall” By GD PANDEY)

NOW, It Is Time To Take Necessary Action To Promote INDIAN PRODUCT In India 

  1. Main features of Swadeshi Shopping Mall

  •  “Swadeshi Shopping Mall” should be in each and every city.

  • The “Swadeshi Shopping Mall” will sell only Indian products.
  • “Swadeshi Shopping Mall” could be launch / sponsor by any Indian business group but it is necessary that they should sell only Indian products which must be made by Indians in India.
  • Central Government / State Government should give rebate in taxes on those product, which will selll through these mall and also they should provide other facilities for open these type mall.
Reason for open this type of Shopping Mall
  • Our business which is either small or big is not growing as compare to China product due to the much competition in marketing and the policies of International Product.
  • International Market like China sells their products in low cost which make the people their customer. They easily capture and overtake our business and when people get habitual to their product they raise the price.
 Benefit of this type of Mall
  •  Public will purchase more Indian product because they will get it at cheap rate.
  •  Purchasing of Indian product will Increase the consumption of Indian product.
  • When consumption will increase, the need of more production is require.
  • And for production employee will require for every field. 

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