In 1970 1$ = Rs. 4                  Today 1$ = Rs. 62.50

Estimated 1$ by end of the year = Rs. 70

Dollar is not getting stronger but rupee is getting weaker & nobody else is responsible except us! ...

How can we change it?

1.  A Cold Drink produced for 70-80 paisa sold at Rs. 9-10!

Stop drinking them, go to soda shops & drink lemon juice, lassi etc.

 instead of coke, pepsi, limca

2. Soaps

Use Soaps of cinthol, santoor, medimix, neem or other Indian Soap

instead of lux, lifebuoy, rexona, liril, dove, pears, hamam, lesancy, camay, palmotive etc!

3. Toothpaste-

Use Neem, babool, vicco, dabur, promise 

instead of colgate, closeup, pepsodent, cibaca

4. ToothbrushUse prudent, ajanta, promise 

instead of colgate, close up, oral-b, pepsodent, forhans
5. Shaving cream-Use godrej , emami,  vjohnInstead of palmotive, old spice, gillete.
6. Blade-Use supermax, topaz, laser, ashokaInstead of seven-o-clock, 365, gillete
7. Talcum powder-Use santoor,gokul,cinthol,boroplus 

Instead of ponds,old spice, johnson, shower to shower.

8. Milk powderUse indiana, amul, amulya' verkaInstead of anikspray, milkana, everyday milk, milkmaid
9. Shampoo-Use Nirma, VelvetteInstead of halo, all clear, nyle sunsilk, head and shoulders, pantene
10. Mobile connections-Use bsnl, airtel, relianceInsteaf of vodafone, docomo
11. Food-Eat at jay bhavani, TGB, local restaurantsInstead of macdonld, subway, pizza hut, kfc
12. MobileUse micromax, karbonn, virginInstead of samsung, apple, htc, sony, nokia
13. Bikes-Use hero, royal enfieldInstead of honda, yamaha
14. Footwear-Use bata, chavdaInstead of nike, reebok, adidas, converse
15. Jeans and shirtsUse spykar, k-lounge etcInstead of lee, levi's, U.s. Polo,  pepe, benetton
16. WatchUse titan, sonata , fasttrack etc Instead of tommy, Citizen, zodiac, tissot

Don't use items from Hindustan Liver or Uniliver. It is a foreign company.*

We should change in our own habit  instead of  blameing  politicians
Now go and check the things you use and ask yourself how much do youcontribute to the decreased value of RUPEE
None of the indian products are subordinate in quality, they might looka bit less fancy!!
Why is china so ahead, because the whole world uses made in china items.
We indians could atleast use made in india items!
Change comes from within! Start the change by simply changing yourmobile network and spread the change by broadcasting this msg to everyoneon your contact list!
I did my part,You do yours and let's see by the end of this yearDoes 1$ become Rs. 70  or it becomes Rs. 40.

Source - facebook

Petrol price hiked by Rs 2.35 per litre, diesel by 50 paise

Petrol price was today hiked by a steep Rs 2.35 per litre, the sixth increase in rates in three months, and diesel by 50 paise per litre on falling rupee and firming international oil prices.

The increase in rates, which will be effective midnight tonight, are excluding local sales tax or VAT, Indian Oil Corp, the nation's largest fuel retailer, announced. The actual hike will be higher and will vary from city to city.

Petrol price in Delhi will go up by Rs 2.83 to Rs 74.10 per litre while it will cost Rs 81.57 per litre in Mumbai as against Rs 78.61 currently.

This is the sixth increase in rates since June and in all petrol prices have gone up by a massive Rs 9.17 per litre, excluding VAT. Price of petrol in Delhi has gone up by over Rs 11 per litre after including state tax since June 1. In a parallel move, diesel price was hiked by 50 paise, excluding VAT, in line with the January decision of the government allowing oil companies freedom to raise prices in small doses every month to wipe out mounting losses.

Diesel price in Delhi has been hiked by 57 paise to Rs 51.97 per litre while it will cost Rs 58.86 in Mumbai from tomorrow as compared to Rs 58.23 currently.

Today's hike in the eighth since the January 17 and most of the losses on diesel sales should have been wiped off by now to make the fuel market priced. But the fall in rupee, around 25 percent since April, has worsened the situation and oil firms are losing Rs 12.12 per litre despite prices being raised by a cumulative Rs 4.75 this year.

Oil firms had on June 1 raised petrol prices by 75 paise, excluding VAT, and followed it with a Rs 2 per litre increase on June 16, a Rs 1.82 increase on June 29, Rs 1.55 hike on July 15 and 70 paise increase from August 1.

IOC said since the last revision in rates effective August 1, the rupee-US dollar exchange rate has deteriorated sharply, from Rs 59.49 to a US dollar to Rs 63.88, necessitating this price increase.

"Currently, the rupee-dollar exchange rate continues to be extremely volatile. Also, geopolitical situation in the Middle-East is leading to pressure on international oil prices as well," it said in a statement.

The movement of prices in international oil markets and exchange rate were being closely monitored and subsequent price changes will reflect developing trends of the market, it added.

Deteriorating exchange rate has led to widening of losses on diesel from Rs 10.22 in first fortnight of August to Rs 12.12 per litre loss. The same has also led to widening of under-recoveries on kerosene to Rs 36.83 per litre from Rs 33.54 at the beginning of the company and on LPG to Rs 470 per cylinder from Rs 411.99.

For the full fiscal, IOC estimated total revenue loss or under-recovery of Rs 144,000 crore on sale of diesel, LPG and kerosene for the industry.
Source..money control

Some thing on lighter note. WORLD FACTS

😇 You can only dream about faces you have already seen. Your brain cannotmake up new ones when you're dreaming.

 The harder you concentrate on falling asleep, the less likely it will happen.

✏ There is no word you can write using only the bottom row ofk the keyboard.

👤 The human mind spends 70% of it's time replaying memories & creating scenarios of perfect moments and situations.

⏰ Don't use a song you like as an alarm to wake up. You'll end up hating it.

Laughing for 15 minutes benefits the human body the same as sleeping for 2 hours.

😾 When you wake up around 2-3 am without any reasons, there's an 80% chance someone is remembering you.

After an argument, more than 85% people tend to think of all the clever things they should have said.

Listening to music has been shown to lower stress levels, lower blood pressure, increase concentration and even relieve pain.

The sentence "A nut for a jar of tuna." is the same when read backwards.

⌚ A “moment” technically means 90 seconds.

🍫 Chocolate is about five times more effective than cough syrup when suffering from the common cold.

😴 No matter how hard you try, you can never remember how your dream started.There's a 96% chance at this very moment you are waiting for something that will never happen.

Emotional pain lasts for 10 to 20 minutes, anythingt longer is actually self inflicted by over thinking, making things worse.

🎭 You see yourselves 5 times more attractive in the mirror than you really are, thanks to your brain.

😶 99% people get scared when a text reads "can i ask you a question?"

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