Punjab SP Salwinder Singh’s friend to undergo polygraph test Updated: January

 After conducting a lie detector test on senior Punjab police officer Salwinder Singh, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) will now subject two others, including his friend, who were kidnapped with him by terrorists before they attacked the Pathankot airbase, to the test.

Besides, the caretaker of a shrine Mr. Singh claimed to have visited before the incident will also be subjected to polygraph test.

The NIA sources said after the name of Mr. Singh was cleared; scientific tests on his friend Rajesh Verma, cook Madan Gopal and Somraj, caretaker of ‘Panj Peer Dargah’, would be conducted this week.

Mr. Singh, who was questioned about the sequence of events ahead of the terror strike and subjected to various tests, may be called again if something new emerged from the polygraph examination of the other three.

While Mr. Verma was left on the road with a slit throat on the intervening night of December 31 and January 1, Mr. Gopal and Mr. Singh, an SP-rank officer, were released some distance away before the terrorists left to attack the airbase.

Source - the Hindu

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