Arvind Kejriwal Addresses Media After Announcing Delhi's Budget: Highlights

NEW DELHI: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is addressing a press conference after announcing Delhi's budget. Below are the highlights:

We've said there isn't a lack of money in government, there is a lack of intention
We have saved a lot of money in government projects
We had promised lowest VAT rates in the country. That process has been started today
Sweets, garments, watches, school bags - have been made cheaper
Last year health and education were the two priorities for the Budget So they are this year as well
We are trying to present a model to the government where governments are reducing public expenditure on education because education ministers themselves run schools
This government is committed to make govt schools so good, they are better than private
Across the country expenditure on health is also being reduced
Today the finance minister gave a three-tier framework for public health starting with 4-5 mohalla clinics in each ward. And even Americans are praising these mohalla clinics
All polyclinics and mohalla clinics will be ready by end of this financial year
Woman safety is a top priority. Mahila suraksha dals and mohalla suraksha dals will be formed
Delhi government will pay for setting up lights in 82,000 dark spots
There is provision for CCTVs and toilets in slums
Source - NDTV

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