Tom Hiddleston was a total geek: Former schoolmate

London, Jun 23 (PTI) Actor Tom Hiddleston was a "total geek" and never had a girlfriend during his time at Eton College, according to a former schoolmate.
The "Night Manager" star, who is now dating Taylor Swift, didn't have as much luck with the ladies when he was growing up, according to a former classmate who was in the year above him at the prestigious Eton College, reported Female First.

"Tom has had an incredible transformation. At school he was a total geek, he didn't have any girlfriends and was quite awkward. His parents were in teaching and he wasn't a cool kid. He was very into his studies and worked really hard. He was a class boff.

"The most rebellious he got was when he tried to grow his hair long and teachers pulled him up on it. He had a slightly odd fashion sense as well, he wore purple trousers, and his favourite T-shirt outside of school uniform was a tie dye T-shirt which changed colour when you breathed on it. He wasn't very cool," the schoolmate said.


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