Medical Research

To promote health research at grass root level and to strengthen health infrastructure in the country. Department of Health Research (DHR) has initiated five schemes to promote research environment in the country. 

The schemes are: 

i. Establishment of Multidisciplinary Research Units (MRUs) in Govt. Medical Colleges. 

ii. Establishment of Model Rural Health Research Units (MRHRUs) in the States. 

iii. Establishment of Network of Research Laboratories for Managing Epidemics and Natural Calamities (VRDL). 

iv. Human Resource Development for Health Research (HRD). 

v. Grants-in-Aid scheme for inter-sectoral convergence & promotion and guidance on health research (GIA). 

vi. DHR provides support in the form of grant-in-aid for carrying out research studies to identify existing knowledge gap and to translate existing health leads into deliverable products. The schemes also provide advanced training in India and abroad to medical and health research personnel in cutting edge research areas concerning medicine and health to create trained human resource for carrying out research activities. 

The Minister of State (Health and Family Welfare), Smt Anupriya Patel stated this in a written reply in the Lok Sabha

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