OH NO! Priyanka Chopra will not sign a Bollywood film till mid-2017!

Will it be too late for the Quantico actress?

Priyanka Chopra is ready to rock the world in Baywatch as the bad girl. And she’s doing Quantico’s Season 2.

But what about her career back home? She has announced she won’t do any films in Hindi until mid-2017.

She hasn’t signed any films. She missed many promotional events of Bajirao Mastani as well as Jai Gangaajal. Unlike Deepika who finished her work here, then went there completed her work and returned. PC seems to have sort of settled in the US.

Says an industrywalla, “Priyanka would have to make a choice. Hollywood or Bollywood. Because a thriving career in both the continents is not possible. Some years ago, AR Rahman would zip off to LA while producers followed him patiently from continent to continent to record their songs. They would try to record their songs with the nomadic genius wherever he was available. Rahman later admitted that his travelling plans put off a lot of producers in Bollywood.”

A filmmaker, who has worked with her in the recent past, says, “Priyanka has zipped off to LA once too often recently during the shooting and marketing of her films. It’s not like Irrfan (Khan) or Anil (Kapoor) who complete a project abroad at one go and then return home to their projects. Priyankais constantly required in LA for her various projects. This will prove problematic in the coming months. She will have to make a choice.”

So Priyanka has to figure out how to straddle a career in two continents.
Source - bollywood life

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