What people want PM Nadrendra Modi to say on Independence Day

Over 1,500 suggestions pour in, ranging from attacks on Dalits and Muslims to Kashmir unrest, food adulteration, support for LGBT and garbage disposal.

Over 1,500 suggestions pour in, ranging from attacks on Dalits and Muslims to Kashmir unrest, food adulteration, support for LGBT and garbage disposal.

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Written by Anand Mishra | New Delhi | Published:August 12, 2016 3:32 amPrime Minister Narendra Modi had sought people’s views for his I-Day speech during his Mann Ki Baat programme last week. (File Photo)
* “Shed light on growing attacks on Dalits and Muslims… Also, some discussion on increasing burden (on the) middle class in the name of tax. We want to know where this tax money is being spent.”

* “Issues like religious fanaticism are coming in the way of our development and progress. Some politicians and people are trying to divide the country on religious and caste lines.They have to be warned… Some violent fringe elements like gau rakshaks must be warned.”

* “Cowsheds should have a ‘food centre with AC and a non-AC hall’ to earn money for the upkeep of cows. There should be ambulance services for cows and other animals, and celebrate 2017 as ‘gau raksha varsh’.”

These are some of the suggestions received by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had sought people’s views on what he should talk about in his Independence Day address next week.

Concern over strife in the name of religion, attacks on Dalits and Muslims in the wake of increased cow vigilantism incidents, and social harmony seem to be the common refrains.Some want Modi to focus on the Kashmir unrest, and say he should be unequivocal in condemning Pakistan.

One person has asked Modi to hoist the national flag in Kashmir this Independence Day. Another says women from across the country should go to Kashmir and Maoist areas on Raksha Bandhan, and tie rakhis on the “misguided” people there.

In his Mann Ki Baat programme last week, Modi had asked people to send suggestions for his Independence Day speech. Over 1,500 suggestions have come in so far, covering a range of issues.

Consider these:

* “In UP, driving licences are being issued without tests. Touts are taking Rs 2,000 per licence and giving it even to those who do not have proper knowledge of traffic rules. Please make strict rules so that only eligible persons can get a licence.”

* “Lay emphasis on illegal sale of contaminated/ adulterated products, especially food adulteration and most specifically milk and child food.”

* “Announce support for LGBT community… there is no planning for the development of the third gender.”

* “Make a law to control wastage of food. A lot of food is wasted at weddings, while, on the other hand, crores of our people are hungry. There should be a law that says people can only serve only one dish at wedding ceremonies.”

* “Encourage people to share old recycled items like books, medical devices etc and to set up social clubs where they can borrow these items to avoid wastage of money.”

* “To replace the ongoing practice of jugaad technology, give a call for improved workmanship.”

People have sought Modi’s intervention at all levels — from telling people not to throw garbage on the roads, to not honking while driving, and stopping the practice of shops giving toffees in place of coins.

Issues like unemployment, plight of contractual workers, setting up a special bank account for people to donate money to the Indian Army, water crisis, problems faced by MGNREGA workers, and pendency of cases in courts have also been raised.

The ire against politicians is evident. There are demands for prescribing minimum educational qualification for politicians, with at least one person saying that they should be post-graduates.

There is also a proposal on asking “crorepati MPs” to forego their salaries and other benefits, and preparing a dossier on MPs to keep track of them.

There is also a suggestion for changing the name of India to Bharat, singing Vande Mataram instead of the national anthem on Independence Day, and dividing India into different time zones on account of its size.
Source - indian express

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