LG to introduce Amazon's Alexa for smart home devices

Models promote LG Electronics' smart refrigerator during the IFA 2016 consumer electronics fair in Berlin, Friday. The electronics maker said the refrigerator has a transparent display so users can monitor the condition and storage information of the foods inside. / Courtesy of LG Electronics

By Yoon Sung-won

LG Electronics will work with Amazon to combine smart home appliances with the voice-recognizing artificial intelligence (AI) service Alexa, the electronics giant said Friday.

Expectations are high over the collaboration between the world's leading home appliances maker and voice-recognition AI system provider.
"We will seek cooperation with diverse partners to provide differentiated smart home products," said Cho Sung-jin, president of LG Electronics' Home Appliance and Air Solution Business Division.

The nation's second-largest electronics company said it will connect its smart home platforms ― SmartThinQ Sensor and SmartThinQ Hub ― to Amazon's Alexa Internet of Things (IoT) service based on the voice-recognition technology.

LG Electronics said users will be able to control smart home appliances by giving verbal orders to the SmartThinQ Hub system.

The system also notifies users of daily information, such as the weather, through screen and voice and can be connected to mobile devices with Bluetooth to play music.

The SmartThinQ Sensor attaches to ordinary home appliances, making them work like smart devices. LG Electronics said it has connected the sensor to the online shopping system dubbed Amazon Dash.

Users can order daily necessities by touching the sensors attached to each appliance. For instance, they can order detergent by touching the sensor on the door of an LG Electronics washing machine, the company said.

LG Electronics also unveiled a new smart refrigerator with a transparent 29-inch display. Users can double-tap the screen to wake up the system and make it transparent. They can check the condition of foods stored in the refrigerator and input information such as the foods' expiration date on the display.

The smart refrigerator has four wide-angle cameras with two-megapixel resolution, which help users remotely check what they have inside the refrigerator even when they are not around the device.

LG Electronics said the smart refrigerator also has an Intel Atom processor to allow users to play multimedia content such as music and videos and run web searches.
Source - korea times

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