7 things to think before quitting your job

The job market is really bad right now It's not unusual for a job search to take a year or more these days. And even if your finances allow you to go without work for that long, simply being unemployed, especially for that amount of time, may make it harder to find your next job. Employers tend to prefer to hire people who are already employed.

Future employers will want to know why you leftYou can count on future interviewers asking why you moved on from this job. It's best if you can explain that you left after a solid stay for a better opportunity--not that you hated your boss or your co-workers drove you crazy, or that you were so bored that you quit with nothing else lined up.

You won't qualify for unemployment In most states, you won't qualify for unemployment benefits if you resign, only if you're fired or laid off. If you're leaving for another job, this won't matter--but if you're quitting with nothing lined up, you may find yourself without a financial safety net. Speaking of which...

You have bills to pay And even if you have savings, they might not last as long as you need them to. What if your job search takes a year or more? Will you be able to survive that long? Will you have any savings left over at the end of it?

You won't actually "show them" anything People often think that quitting will prove something to their boss--like showing how essential they were to the business, or showing that they have options. But it rarely works out this way: While your employer might be surprised at first, they'll quickly move on without too much hardship. The decision to quit your job should be made because it's the right decision for you, not to prove anything to someone else.

If you haven't been at your job very long, you risk looking like a job hopperA stay of less than a year will cause most prospective future employers to ask about what went wrong. And while employers will generally excuse a single short-term stay, if you start to have a pattern of them, the most desirable employers will lose interest in hiring you. If your resume makes you look like a job hopper, smart hiring managers will wonder whether you get bored too easily or can't hold down a job, and they'll wonder if they'll be next on your short-term list.

There are frustrations at every job People sometimes quit a job because they don't like their co-workers or manager or the way their office does something--only to find that their next job has the same problems, or even worse ones. Some aggravations are likely at any workplace, so you want to make sure that you're being realistic about what you're likely to find at other companies.

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No Aadhar card? No PF transactions

If you haven’t got your Aadhar card, hurry up and apply. The government has now made it mandatory to provide your Aadhar card number for PF transaction.

Salaried employees in organised sector will have to provide their Aadhaar numbers for seeking benefits under the EPF scheme being operated by retirement fund body Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), reports the PTI.

The report also states that it will be mandatory for new members to submit their Aadhaar numbers as part of the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification from March 1, 2013 onward.
What about exiting members?
For existing members, the seeding of Aadhaar number has to be done in a time-bound manner,” an official order to the field staff said.
What if you don’t have an Aadhar number?
In case an employee does not have the Aadhaar number, the employer can issue an Enrolment Id (EID) as per the guidelines of the body. This EID would be converted into Aadhaar number later on, the order said.
Where do you apply for an Aadhar card?
Aadhaar enrolment is free. You can go to any authorized Aadhaar enrollment center anywhere in India with your identity and address proof.
How will this help?
This will help EPFO members, particularly the construction workers, who often change their jobs or contractors.
Reception of the directive
Central trade unions have, however, slammed the move by the Employees Provident Fund Organisation to make Aadhaar mandatory for opening new PF accounts and continuing existing ones.

Sizzling Astro Dates - what to expect!

Aries man: If you are dating an Aries man,  he will treat you with dignity and respect and will expect the same from you. Casual behavior and talking for the sake of talking puts the Aries man off.  He appreciate a good looking woman, who is intelligent hold her own, and yet knows how to listen to him without interrupting.  Let him decide the place and time.  He will usually choose a place for its intimate setting.
Aries woman: If you are dating an Aries woman she will be brusque and aggressive, but that is just her way of covering up that she feels nervous around you.  She tends to speak first and think later, but has a heart of gold.  You should go with the flow if you are dating an Aries woman.   Take her somewhere where she can feel comfortable and not suffocated by the surroundings.
Taurus man: If you are dating a Taurus man, despite his apparent charm he will often be laidback and passive in his approach, making you wonder if he is even interested.  He is definitely interested, but just not showing it. He loves a woman who is hard to get,  and gets bored if anything is made too easily available.  So play your cards right!  He loves luxury, so expect to go to a very swanky place.
Taurus woman: Taurean women are fun and bubbly, but only if they want to be.  If not, they will be head strong and overbearing.  It all depends on how much she is into you.  Take the lead in organizing a date,  she will expect it.  It is possible she changes it later, but don`t ever leave it to her.  She will be offended.   She is a lover of luxury, and she needs to see that she is important enough to you,  to take her somewhere special.
Gemini man: You will know how well your date is going with a Gemini man if he isn`t taking any calls while he is with you.  He is a very restless person on his date, unless the lady in question means a lot to him in which case you will get some attention.  He will tend to comment on the other ladies around, don`t think too much about it.  He will take you to a club or lounge bar, somewhere where there is lots of action and people.
Gemini woman: The Gemini lady means well, but cant help talking nonstop much to the dismay of her date.  It is a nervous habit and doesn`t seem to calm down if you talk about it.  She is good at heart, but her talking can be frustrating.   Learn to ignore it, if you really want to know the real her.  She gells well in a club environment,  where everyone is talking at the same time and no one is really listening!
Cancer man: The Cancer man is very sensitive and needs a woman who will understand his needs even on a date.  He does not appreciate criticism of any sort, and can be defensive if you don`t like something he has arranged for the two of you to do together. Be a good listener, and your date will go well.  Expect to go to a small and quiet restaurant.
Cancer woman: The Cancer woman can be a bit of a drama Queen, someone who will share her past hurt and relationships easily, and it will leave you feeling awkward.  Its best to listen and then move on to other conversation.   As the evening proceeds, she will relax and all will be well.   She will appreciate going to a place which is quiet and very relaxing, not noisy.
Leo man: A Leo can be intimidating in a date, as he will try to dominate the date by doing all the talking. Don`t be put off, basically he wants to impress you.  He will definitely take you to a fancy place and treat you really very well.   As the evening proceeds, he will begin to show his inner self.
Leo woman: The Leo lady is a queen, do not ever think of taking her to a roadside cafe for coffee.  The date will be doomed.  A lovely and elegant place is the perfect setting, along with a small gift or flowers is really what you want to do to impress this lady.  She will be very difficult at first,  but once you get to know her, she is really a queen.
Virgo man: The Virgo man loves perfection, and will want his date to have taken time and trouble to look her very best.  One mistake you cannot make with a Virgo, is one of ever being late.  He just wont take kindly to that sort of thing.  He will be one person who values the effort you make.  He is someone who will take you somewhere which is old world,  and has impeccable service.
Virgo woman: The Virgo lady is equally passionate about perfection and will look for it in her dates manners,  clothes, his car and the manner in which he speaks.   She has high standards,  and once the initial ice is broken, she will be warm, bubbly and very friendly.  She loves a place where the service is of a very high standard. That will be very important to her.
Libra man: The Libran man is a romantic, he loves taking his date for a candlelight dinner and buying her flowers.  He will be relaxed and easy to talk to, till you discover that he speaks like this almost always. Nevertheless you can count on him to give you a very good time.   He is perhaps one of the easiest zodiac signs to go on a date with.
Libra woman: The Libran woman wants to be treated like a princess.  As though she is fragile and might break if not well taken care of.  She tends to be sensitive and often starts conversations that tend to ramble to cover her nervousness.  She is a romantic, and in the right setting can do anything for her partner.  She is a girl who wants it all, luxury, intimacy and impeccable service.  She is big on gifts and a small something with go a long way in breaking the ice.  She is easy to talk to and bonding will never take you time.
Scorpio man: The Scorpio man will be unpredictable and you often wont know what happened with him and what it is he really wants from you. You are best off being a little guarded if it is your first date, till you know what makes him tick.  He is known for reading meaning where there is none.  So be careful.  Treat him with care and respect and you should have a good time together.  He is moody so it is unpredictable where he could take you.
Scorpio woman: The Scorpion lady is too insecure to actually feel she is worth your effort, and therefore will make every attempt to play herself down and sound like she doesn`t trust you.  It will take a lot of patience and sensitivity to get past the initial barrier, and become close to her.  Taking her somewhere too fancy may make her cautious. So don`t over do it.
Sagittarius man: The Sagittarius man is always oozing charm.  Whether that is sincere or not, is often difficult to gauge. He may be ever so romantic,  and will promise to call you and then never return the call. But if he does... then you know he is interested.  This is really a sign with who you should play hard to get.  He wants his lady well groomed and looking absolutely stellar.   He will go to only the very best places.
Sagittarius woman: The Sagittarius woman loves talking,  so if you like to listen, take her on a date where she can talk to her hearts content.  She can be incredibly honest and forthright with her likes and dislikes, which is something you need to be prepared for.  If you really want to floor her,  look absolutely killer and be the silent lover.  It will take you places.   Don`t share any secrets, at least not initially, she definitely cant keep a secret.   She will expect to go somewhere nice.
Capricorn man: The Capricorn man will take a girl to only the best places for a date, after all he has a reputation to protect.  Once he is there, at times he will seem distracted and you will not be able to tell if he is really into you, or just into himself.  He is someone who takes time to open up and if you like him enough you will need to give him that space.
Capricorn woman: The Capricorn woman will seem like she is on a business meeting and not quite a date,  which you will find hard to handle, as she will be all official.  It will take a lot more than just one date to bring her out of her shell and get her to loosen up and be close. So keep this in mind. A good restaurant with a name is really where you want to take her.
Aquarian man: The Aquarian man is a maverick and the fact that you are going on a date, means a lot. He doesn`t let just anyone into his private crazy world. Expect the unexpected on a date with an Aquarian, it may be a romantic restaurant but could even be the zoo!  Why not, lets bond with nature. He is straightforward about his physical needs and that should not offend you. He will have trouble expressing his emotions, so be wary.
Aquarian woman: The Aquarian lady is a strong personality and you need to match her pace when it comes to talking or having an opinion.  This is not a lady who appreciates a weak man.  He needs to be decisive and precise. So know exactly where you intend to go for a date, and yet have an element of surprise as she is someone who loves a good surprise and will truly appreciate the effort you make.  Small gestures will mean a lot to her.
Piscean man: The Piscean man is elusive and even though he will go to a lot of trouble to give you a perfect romantic setting on a date, he will then expect you to say and do all the right things. Expectations will really be high and you will wonder what you have got yourself into. He does not handle emotion well, and you may find yourself confused. The best way to deal with this date is to give him his space and be very sensitive to him.
Piscean woman: The Piscean woman is someone who tries hard to please, even though it isn`t necessary. She can be coy, and extremely sexy when she wants to be, and at other times, almost reclusive in her nature. You will need to treat her in a very special way. Taking her somewhere, which is fun filled and perhaps not so romantic, will take the edge off her very emotional nature. She has a need to be treated with kid gloves, so despite her sexiness try and go very slow with her. She tends to be possessive, and you need to be prepared for that.

Facebook updates developer policy after Vine scuffle

IDG News Service - Facebook has updated its policies for third-party application developers in a bid to explain why Twitter's new Vine video-sharing app is unable to access Facebook's friend-finder tool.

While the updated policies don't mention Vine by name, the biggest changes appear designed to explain why Facebook decided to block the app, a move that sparked a wave of criticism this week.

In a blog post Friday, Facebook's Justin Osofsky, director of platform partnerships and operations, said the "clarifications" were published after the site received questions about its policies over the past few days.

"For the vast majority of developers building social apps and games, keep doing what you're doing," he wrote. But a "much smaller number of apps" violate its policy by using Facebook to "replicate our functionality or bootstrap their growth in a way that creates little value for people on Facebook, such as not providing users an easy way to share back to Facebook."

Controversy broke out when users discovered later on Thursday that the Facebook friend-search tool had been disabled. Facebook has yet to say whether it intentionally blocked the feature, but the clarified policies it published Friday explain where the site stands on matters related to competitors using its social graph.Vine, which is owned by Twitter and launched Thursday, includes a tool that allows users to search for their Facebook friends and add them to their Vine network. Vine also lets users automatically share the videos they create with the app with their Facebook friends -- a function that remains intact -- as well as with their Twitter and internal Vine connections.

One of the amended sections reads: "You may not use Facebook Platform to promote, or to export user data to, a product or service that replicates a core Facebook product or service without our permission." The policies don't say what, exactly, constitutes a "core" Facebook product.

The new policies retain similar language about permissions, but give additional guidance about data-sharing with third-party apps. On the topic of reciprocity, for instance, the policies say developers can build their own social network via Facebook's API (application programming interface), but only if the app allows users to share their experiences back with Facebook users. Vine does offer this functionality.

Asked whether Facebook blocked the search tool or if there was a technical issue on Twitter's end, Twitter has said it has no comment beyond the error message users get when they try to perform the search.

The new guidelines also say that if Facebook disables an app, the developer of the app must delete all the user information it collected through Facebook's API, unless it is basic account information or it receives consent from the user to retain it.

Finally, the policies clarify that developers are responsible for "providing users with a quality experience and must not confuse, defraud, mislead, spam or surprise users."
Source - computer world

Aspirin tied to vision loss

Taking at least one aspirin every week is linked to the development of age-related vision loss, according to a new study.

The Australian researchers, however, caution that there's still not enough evidence to say taking the popular pain reliever leads to age-related macular degeneration, which is the leading cause of blindness in older people.

"I don't think the current evidence is strong enough to conclude cause. We still need to accumulate more evidence," said Jie Jin Wang, the study's lead author from the University of Sydney.

Currently, over 100 billion aspirin tablets are consumed every year, Wang and her colleagues write in JAMA Internal Medicine. They add that it's commonly used in the prevention of heart attacks or strokes.

In 2011, a European study found seniors who take a daily aspirin were twice as likely to develop vision loss, compared to those who did not.

Wang told Reuters Health that her team saw that 2011 report and wanted to confirm its findings by using information it had collected on a group of Australians over a 15-year period.

Overall, Wang and her colleagues had information on 2,389 people who were over 45 years old. Of those, 257 said they took at least one aspirin every week.

At the end of the study, 63 people had developed so-called wet macular degeneration — the most severe form.

The researchers found 5.8 percent of regular aspirin users ended up with wet macular degeneration, compared to 2.3 percent of people who did not regularly take aspirin.

That difference remained even when the researchers accounted for the participants' age, sex, weight, blood pressure, history of smoking and heart disease.


In a commentary published with the new study, Drs. Sanjay Kaul and George Diamond caution that the study had limitations and previous studies found mixed results when looking at aspirin use and vision loss.

They write that the evidence is not convincing enough for doctors to change how they prescribe aspirin, especially with its benefits in preventing heart attacks and strokes.

"In the final analysis, decisions about aspirin use are best made by balancing the risks against the benefit in context of each individual's medical history and value judgments," they write.

Wang agreed that the findings are not strong enough to support a change in clinical practice, but she said some doctors may want to keep a closer watch on patients at high risk for macular degeneration who are also using aspirin.

Dr. Jack Cioffi, chair of Columbia University Medical Center's department of ophthalmology in New York, agreed with the commentary and said people should stay on aspirin if their doctors have them on it.

"Even if there is an increased incidence of macular degeneration, it's relatively small," said Cioffi, who was not involved with the new research.

He also added that people shouldn't start taking aspirin for no particular reason, either.

"I think this is a cautionary note, and it reminds us that every medicine has a risk-benefit profile that we have to be aware of — even aspirin," said Cioffi.

Source - indian express

SBI set to open second branch in China

Beijing, Jan 26 (PTI) The State Bank of India's second branch in China with a capital of USD 50 million, is set to open at the port city of Tianjin, close to Beijing.

The new branch with capital of about 300 million Yuan, (about USD 50 million) would open towards the end of February, Dinesh Sharma, Chief Executive Officer of SBI, Shanghai branch told media here today.
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Kumbh Mela 2013: Holy Men

Naga Baba Jai Giri Ji has long, long hair. He hasn’t cut it for 15 years, and when he dances in the processions that the holy men lead to the sangam on bathing days, he loops it over his arms so that it doesn’t trip him up.

Lakshman Giri is also famous for his headgear, but in his case it’s a crown of rudraksh seeds that he says he’s worn for 16 years. Nearby is another sadhu, or holy man, who claims to have stood on one leg for 10 years. Pilgrims gather to stare at these impressive feats, and the sadhus beckon them into their tent, to sit around the fire, hear their wise words, and perhaps, join their cult.

Like any city, the Kumbh Mela serves many functions. It’s a site of pilgrimage, but it’s also a market, a party and a religious trade fair. The holy men come to recruit disciples. Their prestige and their livelihood depend on it, since disciples bring donations. Some sadhus are lone operators, but there are also 13 akharas—groups or sects of holy men—that advertise their existence via billboards and the palatial gates to their camps, which are lit up like Disneyland attractions.

One of the most elaborate camps belongs to Bhaishri Rameshbhai Oza. He’s known as a great orator, but also for his message that one can achieve peace without renouncing wealth. There are a lot of smart cars parked outside his camp, but bizarrely, the temporarily discarded shoes are all old and worn. A security guard explains that rich people leave their good shoes there on entering, and poorer pilgrims stop by to upgrade their footwear.

Pilgrims come to the Kumbh searching for moksha, or Nirvana, which they obtain through penance or tapas. The ones who take this most literally are the kalpwasis, who are arriving in the city now in large numbers. They will stay for a month in the most spartan conditions, bathing in the Ganges before dawn, eating one frugal meal a day, and renouncing all worldly temptations—notably gossip.
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RAIL NEWS CENTER: Tourist ticket fares revised

RAIL NEWS CENTER: Tourist ticket fares revised: Tourist ticket fares revised      Fare of Tourist Tickets have been Revised with immediate effect. The new fares will now be ad unde...

RAIL NEWS CENTER: Tourist ticket fares revised

RAIL NEWS CENTER: Tourist ticket fares revised: Tourist ticket fares revised      Fare of Tourist Tickets have been Revised with immediate effect. The new fares will now be ad unde...

RAIL NEWS CENTER: 16 RPF/RPSF Officers Received President’s Police M...

RAIL NEWS CENTER: 16 RPF/RPSF Officers Received President’s Police M...: On the occasion of Republic Day, 2013, the Hon’ble President of India has awarded President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Services and ...

RAIL NEWS CENTER: स्टेशन ही नहीं, आसपास क्षेत्र में भी रखें सफाई : र...

RAIL NEWS CENTER: स्टेशन ही नहीं, आसपास क्षेत्र में भी रखें सफाई : र...: जयपुर. रेलमंत्री पवन बंसल ने शनिवार को जयपुर जंक्शन का औचक निरीक्षण किया। स्टेशन के आसपास के क्षेत्र सफाई नहीं होने और स्टेशन पर पर्याप्त ...

RAIL NEWS CENTER: Projects for New Rail Links Between India and Bang...

RAIL NEWS CENTER: Projects for New Rail Links Between India and Bang...:                      Inter-Governmental Railway Meeting Between India and Bangladesh Held  Projects for New Rail Links Between Both Coun...

Rahul Gandhi expected to make first speech as Congress Vice President today

Rahul Gandhi expected to make first speech as Congress Vice President today

JaipurRahul Gandhi, appointed the Congress' number 2 on Saturday evening, will be the party's show-stopper at an All India Congress Committee or AICC meeting in Jaipur today; he will make his first political speech as the party's Vice-President.

The day-long AICC session will wrap up the party's deliberations in Jaipur to devise strategy for the general elections scheduled for 2014; a "Jaipur Declaration" will be adopted by the party at the end of the day today. As the head of the Congress' election committee, Mr Gandhi has charge of leading that strategy when the ruling party asks voters for a third straight shot in power.

His boss, mother and Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will also address the AICC. In traditional Congress style, the big three are seated on the ground on a massive stage, Mr Gandhi to the right of Sonia Gandhi, flanked by many senior Congress leaders.

Mr Gandhi's appointment as Vice President was endorsed at the Congress' highest decision-making body, its working committee or the CWC, at the end of a two-day brainstorming session yesterday. Accepting the new role, Mr Gandhi said, "I have great experience...in the last eight years that I have worked with the party. I have seen it is a great organisation and together we will transform the country. It is a great party."

The appointment is expected to galvanise party workers after a series of demoralising electoral setbacks. As the much-awaited announcement of Mr Gandhi finally, and reportedly reluctantly, accepting a "bigger role" was made, Congressmen celebrated with drums, slogans and fireworks. Many Rahul Gandhi posters sprang up overnight in the national capital.

The Congress said Mr Gandhi's promotion represents its commitment to representing the youth of the country. He is 42 and in states like UP and Bihar, his lead role in elections did not yield any real dividends for the party. He has to reverse that trend quickly. Assembly elections will be held in nine states in 2013, beginning February when three north-eastern states go to the polls. Elections will be held this year in crucial Congress-held states like Rajasthan and Delhi and in states that it hopes to wrest from main rival the BJP, like Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh.

And then will come the big challenge on retaining power in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Mr Gandhi's detractors and political rivals are dismissive about the impact of his elevation.

"If they are doing it with the assumption that the fortune of the Congress will shine in 2014, they are entirely mistaken," said BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad.

Ally Sharad Pawar refused comment on the appointment saying, "It is an internal matter of the Congress. Every party has the right to make these decisions."

In Jaipur, there has been clamour that Rahul Gandhi also be declared the party's candidate for Prime Minister in 2014, but senior party leaders said that would happen later. Congress general secretary Digivijaya Singh pointed out that the party traditionally did not name a candidate for PM before elections and that the new elected members of Parliament picked their leader. "Mrs Gandhi has rightly appointed Rahul Gandhi to the post of vice president. And as far as the prime ministerial post is concerned the party would decide about it later," said minister Sachin Pilot.

The party was quick to emphasise that Mrs Gandhi will continue to play a bigger role. "There is a younger India and we are the first party to include the youth. Sonia Gandhi is the supreme leader and she will help with decisions. She has a bigger role," Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit said.

The substantial presence of young delegates at the Jaipur session is seen as a sign of Mr Gandhi's increasing influence on the party. In her speech on Friday, his mother emphasised an urgent need to address an alienation from the urban middle class, especially the youth.

Recently, the Congress responded clumsily when thousands of students protested for weeks against the gang-rape of a young student on a moving bus in Delhi. Demonstrations demanded justice for the victim and better security for women, and there was huge anger at the failure of senior ministers to reach out to the protesters.
Source - Ndtv

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