आलिया ने खोला राज, कौन है उनका पति और कौन ब्यॉयफ्रेंड

आलिया ने खोला राज, कौन है उनका पति और कौन ब्यॉयफ्रेंड

नई दिल्ली। हाल ही में रिलीज हुई फिल्म 'उड़ता पंजाब' में अपने अभिनय के लिए जमकर सुर्खियां बटोरनें वाली आलिया भट्ट ने एक इंटरव्यू के दौरान अपने अभिनय से जुड़ी कई बातें साझा की। उन्होंने एक्टिंग को अपना पति तो सिंगिंग को अपना ब्वॉयफ्रेंड बताया है।

Pak rejects reports of ISI involvement in Dhaka

Islamabad, Pakistan today rejected media reports about its involvement in the terrorist attack in Bangladeshi capital Dhaka that killed 20 foreigners including an Indian as "baseless, irresponsible and provocative".

Terrorism has no religion: Aamir Khan

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan today said that people who spread terrorism in the name of religion are the ones who don't follow it.

When asked about the growing terrorism, Aamir told reporters, "People who spread terrorism or do it, have no connection with mazhab (religion), that's what I think, then whether he is of any religion, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Christian..." 

Modi visit will cement India-SA ties: South Africa FM

Johannesburg,  Ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's trip to South Africa tomorrow, the country's foreign minister today said the visit will cement and strengthen the excellent relations that exist between the two countries.

"South Africa and India share common values and objectives which were forged during the struggle against colonialism and for liberation and democracy in South Africa," said Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, South African Minister of International Relations and Cooperation.

Empowering marginalised women through education

Chiranjibi Thapa New Delhi, 

For most Muslim girls belonging to economically weak families in south east Delhi's Jaitpur Extension, a high school education is a privilege they cannot avail for reasons both financial and religious.

Artificial pancreas may be available by 2018: scientists

Artificial pancreas - a device which monitors blood glucose in patients with diabetes and automatically adjusts levels of insulin entering the body - is likely to be available by 2018, scientists say.
Currently available technology allows insulin pumps to deliver insulin to people with diabetes after taking readings from glucose meters, but these two components are separate. It is the joining together of both

231 Namami Gange projects worth Rs 1500 Cr launched

Haridwar/New Delhi, GE In its bid to fast-track execution of the ambitious Namami Gange programme, the NDA government today launched 231 projects, including installation of sewage treatment plants and ghat constructions, at over 100 locations in seven states with an estimated cost of Rs 1,500 crore.

Preacher Zakir's speeches 'highly objectionable': Govt

New Delhi,  Calling Islamic preacher Zakir Nayek's speeches "highly objectionable", government today said the Home Ministry will take appropriate action after studying them.

सऊदी अरब: मदीना मस्जिद के पास 'धमाका'

मदीना में मस्जिद के पास का नज़ारा

स्थानीय मीडिया की खबरों के मुताबिक एक आत्मघाती हमलावर ने पैंगंबर मुहम्मद की मस्जिद के नज़दीक सुरक्षा मुख्यालय के पास ख़ुद को उड़ा लिया है.

सोशल मीडिया में काला धुंआ और जली हुई कारों का वीडियो भी वायरल हो गया है. इस वीडियो में कार पार्किंग में एक गाड़ी में लगी आग दिख रही है जिसके पास दो शव दिखाई दे रहे है.

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